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About The Company


With more than 25 years of tradition in exhibition construction, we have become one of the leading and most recognized fair engineering companies in Slovenia.

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About The Company

About the company

BUHEXPO.SI d.o.o. has more than 25 years of experience in exhibition space engineering. The company was once a transportation company and has evolved into one of the leaders in exhibition space engineering and most recognizable Slovene companies in this field. We have shown excellent business organization and quality of operations in the very beginning when there the workshop consisted of only three people. Now our team consists of 17 people and we continue to grow and spread into other fields. We specialize in custom made exhibition space engineering. We have our own warehouse, transportation equipment, carpentry workshop, a trained and experienced team, modular systems Octanorm and Maxima Light, a design department and graphic workshop. We use state of the art materials and the modern 3D software Studio Viz.

Who are we?

The key to our success is the group of experienced professionals from different fields (architecture, design, engineering, management, graphics…). We work with our customers in a holistic approach whilst always keeping in mind the end-user of the product or service. Regular and additional training allows us to keep in step with global trends in exhibition space engineering and broaden our loyal customer base.

Where are we going?

We want to become the leader in exhibition space engineering by offering a complete range of services from consulting and implementation to evaluation of shows. We provide a complete service in one place and we strive to become recognized in whole Europe.


  • consulting on best presenting your company/product/service,
  • conceptual make up of the exhibition space,
  • setting up of exhibition space,
  • transport of the equipment (exhibits, technical instruments…) throughout Europe.
  • Monika ŠtojsDirector of Marketing at SIJ
 Slovenian Steel Group 
Acroni d.o.o.
    We have been collaborating with BUHEXPO.SI for years. We have been always extremely satisfied with our exhibition space. Our customers praise them and gladly visit us in the pleasant atmosphere.
  • Vinko KrižanecHead of Sales Promotion and Advertising
, Unior d.d.
    We have been collaborating with BUHEXPO.SI d.o.o. over the past ten years and the company is synonymous with success. Its services in designing exhibition stands, setting up and transport of exhibits all over the world, ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Nataša GradišarHead of stock and trade show appearances, 
Department of Integrated Marketing Communications
, Slovenian Tourist Board
    We collaborate with BUHEXPO.SI since 2003. The company is very consistent and reliable, their service are exceptional. We are satisfied with the coordination, the implementation and the service providers.
  • Laura PodgornikKolektor, Head of Marketing for Components and Systems
    This year's event was due to our anniversary more demanding, so preparations took longer and were more complex. Our presentation at the fair, as well as the reception and the entertaining of our business partners at the event, was successful as planned. The success and the positive response can be largely contributed to the exceptionally beautiful exhibition stand, which achieved the desired effect and was functional. Everyone spoke highly of it, since it stood out from the rest. The organizer of the event added us in the promotion of the CWIEME 2014 show. I also have to congratulate on the arrangement in the hall Ulm. Therefore I would first of all like to thank you for your professional support. I would like to thank your designer and of course your team in Berlin, which did its best to meet our wishes.